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The sport and recreation club manual is a comprehensive guide to working with Council and comprises useful tools, short informative videos and checklists for committees. It is an essential resource for sustainable club management and facility planning and development.

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Download a copy of the Sport and recreation club manual(PDF, 11MB).

By sections

Section 1: Accessing facilities and tenure

Community leasing policy, lease and permit renewals, new lease permit requests, casual use of sports fields, fitness providers at sport fields and sub-letting of facilities.

View Section 1: Accessing Facilities and Tenure(PDF, 4MB)

Section 2: Facility usage

Sports fields closures, turf management processes, lock and keys, sports field lighting, electricity, signage, food and liquor licensing, waste removal and water access.

View Section 2: Facility usage(PDF, 2MB)

Lock and key system

Watch the video - lock and key system

Video transcript

Section 3: Facility maintenance

Sports field maintenance, specialised surfaces, building maintenance, sport-specific infrastructure and operations, specialist facilities and facility damage and vandalism.

View Section 3: Facility maintenance(PDF, 2MB)

Section 4: Facility development

Facility development process, improvement works application and asbestos management plan.

View Section 4: Facility development(PDF, 2MB)

Improvement works application

Watch the video - improvement works application

Video transcript

Section 5: Club management

Education and training opportunities, club committees, running meetings, financial operations, sponsorship, insurance, disaster management, recreation program participation, hosting events, grant funding, awards and recognition, updating club contact details and sports and recreation e-newsletter.

View Section 5: Club management(PDF, 2MB)

Section 6: Council contacts

Customer service, after hour's emergency assistance and lodging customer requests.

View Section 6: Council contacts(PDF, 1MB)

Section 7: Useful non-Council contacts

Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing, Office of Fair Trading, Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation, Australian Tax Office, Gambling Community Benefit Fund, Working with Children requirements, Cancer Council Queensland, Good Sports, Sports Medicine Australia, Volunteering Queensland and Queensland Fitness, Sport and Recreation Skills Alliance.

View Section 7: Useful non-Council contacts(PDF, 1MB)