Australia Day Awards

The Australia Day Awards program is a way to recognise people who make exceptional contributions to our local communities. The awards provide the community with an opportunity to celebrate an individual’s achievement or contribution to the Moreton Bay region.

Nominate someone for an Australia Day Award

Nominations for the 2024 Australia Day Awards closed 2:00 PM, 30 October 2023. 

Award Categories

Nominations can be made in two award categories:

Citizen of the Year Award

This award recognises an individual for their remarkable achievement and/or contribution to the Moreton Bay community. It may be for the preceding year or for many years of dedicated service. The winner of this award will be an Australian Citizen who lives in the Moreton Bay region. Community contributions and achievement may be in any area of community life, such as sport, arts and culture, and the environment.

Mayor’s Community Spirit Award

This award honours an individual for their outstanding contribution to the Moreton Bay community in the preceding year or for many years. Anyone may be nominated for a Mayor’s Community Spirit Award. The winner is not required to be a resident of the region or an Australian Citizen. Community contributions and achievement may be in any area of community life, such as sport, arts and culture, and the environment. 

For further questions regarding the Australia Day Awards program email or contact Council.

2023 Australia Day Award winners


Citizen of the Year Award - Nick Steiner

Nick is committed to improving the community through innovation and collaboration. His goal is to eventually end food insecurity, and he plans to do this one vegetable patch at a time.

Starting in his own backyard, Nick established the Mini Farm Project which has grown into network of charity farms. The fresh produce grown is then given freely to local charities to create urgently needed meals.

The Mini Farm Project now grows enough fresh produce each week to provide to Meals on Wheels, OzHarvest and other food relief charities.

See the amazing work Nick does at the Mini Farm Project


Nick Steiner video transcript

Mayor's Community Spirit Award - Kevin Couch

Kevin, or Kevvy as he's known, is a resident of Albany Creek who is young at heart. During the COVID-19 lockdowns he started walking twice a day, taking the time to chat to everyone he met along his way. Kevvy soon became a bright light for many locals during those difficult times and became well-loved in the area.

Recognising the need for social connection through the pandemic, Kevvy wanted to help bring more people together. To help people get to know their neighbours, so they could feel as happy as he did his walks. Kevvy decided the best way to do this was to hand-deliver invitations to local households for a community gathering.

Kevvy now hosts a morning tea every public holiday in the local park. It has become a huge hit with more than 100 people attending the last one. Kevvy hasn’t stopped walking and still hand-delivers the invitations to more than 150 local houses.


Kevin Couch video transcript

Mayor's Community Spirit Award - Laurence Christie

Laurence is the creative force behind the Mango Hill Progress Association. He has helmed the association for the last 37 years.

Laurence has become the voice of the Mango Hill community. He raises issues to all levels of government to improve the local area for the growing population.

During the 2022 floods he also stepped up as a local champion and embodied true community spirit by providing regular reports on the ground back to Council. He also organised food donations and vouchers to assist people and families affected by the weather event.

See more about the Mango Hill Progress Association.


Laurence Christie video transcript

Mayor's Community Spirit Award - Michelle Gilchrist

Michelle is the face behind the busy day-to-day operations of The Breakfast Club, Redcliffe. They provide more than 1,500 free meals to people in need or experiencing homelessness each month.

Starting as a volunteer more than eight years ago, Michelle now oversees all aspects of The Breakfast Club operations. This includes running fundraiser events and community activities, recruiting volunteers, working with other not-for-profits and government services, applying for grants and managing the kitchen teams. Michelle brings a sense of community, inclusion, and dignity to the guests of The Breakfast Club. She provides a welcoming and safe place for people to develop friendships and connect with support services.

See the amazing work Michelle does at The Breakfast Club Redcliffe.


Michelle Gilchrist video transcript