The Mill PDA – Need for a university

Bernard Salt, one of Australia's leading experts on demographics said:

"the Moreton Bay Regional Council area is in my view the best location for a new university campus in Australia based on current and future demographics. A local, major higher-education campus will unlock job opportunities and supercharge this region's economic development and prosperity."

With around 613,000 residents in the Greater Moreton Bay Region, it could sustain around 67,000 university students 18-24 year olds in the region by 2031. 

Mr Salt made the case for a major new university in the region, saying such a campus could generate:

  • 10,000 university students by 2033 and 20,000 students at capacity
  • Create over 2,200 ongoing jobs for the Greater Moreton Bay Region by 2031
  • 100 direct construction jobs each year from 2016-30
  • 250 additional ongoing jobs in the local education and health sector from 2031
  • $950 million of economic benefit for the region.

View the Demographic case for a university in the Moreton Bay Region(PDF, 6MB) by Bernard Salt.