The Mill PDA - Infrastructure planning and funding

The delivery of infrastructure is a key component of facilitating development within The Mill at Moreton Bay PDA and ensuring adequate funding for this infrastructure is vital.

Development scheme - Infrastructure plan

The Mill at Moreton Bay PDA Development Scheme includes an infrastructure plan that identifies the infrastructure that is required to facilitate growth and development of the PDA.

Development charges and offset plan (DCOP)

The DCOP(PDF, 3MB) provides for the development charges for the provision of trunk infrastructure, trunk infrastructure plans and schedules of works, and matters relevant to calculating an offset for the provision of trunk infrastructure.

Infrastructure plan background report

The Infrastructure plan background report(PDF, 5MB) provides supporting information relevant to infrastructure planning and charging in the PDA, including growth projections, demand rates, desired standards of service, infrastructure planning methodology and costing methods. The report also assists to interpret the DCOP, and to understand how the planning and costing of the DCOP infrastructure was undertaken.