About planning in the Moreton Bay Region

Have you ever wondered how Council makes decisions about the future of the region and our communities? Town planning is the process that Council undertakes with a range of stakeholders to understand:

  • how our region and its many communities will grow and change over time
  • what that growth will look like and its intended function - homes, jobs, services, recreation, entertainment etc
  • the design outcomes we want to create great places
  • the environmental areas we want to protect
  • key services, facilities and infrastructure to make it all work.

Council has prepared some fact sheets and frequently asked questions about town planning to explain these processes in more detail. View the town planning fact sheet(PDF, 769KB) and FAQs(PDF, 287KB) to find out more about growth and change in the Moreton Bay Region and how Council is planning for future growth and assessing development proposals. For more information about what is involved in amending the MBRC Planning Scheme 2016, view the planning scheme amendments information sheet(PDF, 955KB).

Council values feedback from communities and key stakeholders on a range of planning projects, including on development applications and proposed planning scheme changes or amendments. This helps Council understand what you support or oppose about development applications or proposed planning policy changes and why, and how they affect you. Your involvement in these planning processes delivers better planning outcomes and balanced decisions on development in our communities. Council has prepared some additional information sheets to explain how to make a good submission about a development application(PDF, 381KB), or planning scheme or amendment(PDF, 360KB). Understanding how to read a planning scheme(PDF, 723KB) and how it works will also help to prepare a submission on any development applications or planning policy changes.

This page will be updated with general town planning information and is a useful starting point if you would like to learn more about planning and how it affects you. You can also contact Council and ask to speak to the planning department on (07) 3205 0555 or email council@moretonbay.qld.gov.au.