Head West! Winton’s ‘Vision Splendid’ Outback Film Festival is back

Published 09 May 2023

Outback Splendid Film Festival.jpg

Dreaming of an outback sunset? Or has your caravan been in the garage too long? Well take this as your sign to head west this winter!

Our Friendship City Winton is again rolling out the red carpet for The Vision Splendid Outback Film Festival on June 23 to July 1 for the ultimate movie experience under the stars.

Mayor Peter Flannery said Moreton Bay was proud to sponsor this one-of-a-kind outback film festival to celebrate the best of Australia’s film industry.

“Every year film, animation and screenwriting students from around the world head to Winton for this intensive program of writing, production, masterclasses, and screenings," he said. 

“Thanks to our Friendship City arrangement Moreton Bay has six places open to Secondary School Students in year 11 and 12 from our region to attend this year.”

Winton Shire Mayor Gavin Baskett said locals were already excited and making preparations to welcome visitors for this year’s event next month.

“It’s fantastic that the launch for the 2023 Vision Splendid Outback Film Festival is being held at Moreton Bay and especially at one of their great schools,” he said.

“Winton has had a long relationship with Moreton Bay and we’re looking forward to their students visiting our Shire and beginning their path to developing film making skills.

Without the support of Moreton Bay, events like this in our region would be difficult to host.

“Hopefully we can work collaboratively together into the future to help grow the film industry in both of our regions.”

The Festival’s creative director Dr Greg Dolgopolov said now in its tenth year, the event had survived both seemingly endless drought and also a few floods, to keep telling authentic Australian stories in authentic Australian voices.

“Over ten great years of endless droughts and a few floods, Vision Splendid has grown to be a true celebration of the power of storytelling and the magic of the movies by celebrating exclusively Australian films,” he said.

“We have become the biggest outback film festival in the world in one of the most remote places on Earth. But it doesn’t feel remote when you are surrounded by a community of film lovers.

“This year we are screening a vast array of Australian films – from the latest crime thrillers and musicals to hard-nosed documentaries and up lifting rom coms – we know that movies have the power to challenge our assumptions, expand our horizons, and connect us to one another in ways that we never thought possible.

“Everyone involved over the past decade has helped transform this remote corner of the outback into a hub of creativity and inspiration.

“So let us come together in the spirit of collaboration, creativity, and community, as we celebrate the best and brightest in the world of cinema and honour the rich history and culture of our beloved outback – the red dust and endless horizons that give us such a powerful sense of identity.”

Mayor Peter Flannery said he hoped that by supporting more Moreton Bay students to pursue career pathways into screen and media after school, that the region would get a bigger share of the industry’s attention.

“Last year Queensland’s screen industry generated $478 million through 37 films, series and games – that’s almost double the previous high of $262 million,” he said.

“Moreton Bay has seen a small amount of this action through productions like ‘Young Rock’ which filmed in Strathpine and Redcliffe and the 2020 film ‘Joe Vs Carole’ about the Tiger King, which actually used our own Council Chambers to create a US courtroom!

“The Vision Splendid Film Festival promotes outback filming and locations, developing skills in screen production and enhancing the cultural understanding of film for the local and regional economy.

“Film is becoming an increasingly important piece of Queensland’s economy and obviously it’s an excellent way to showcase a region, provide career pathways, and has a huge impact on visitors and tourism.

“So if you’ve ever wanted a western adventure, here’s your chance to make it a really memorable event.”

The Vision Splendid is on June 23 to July 1. Don't miss out!

You can purchase tickets online for The Vision Splendid Outback Film Festival.

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