Have your say on the future of our region’s pets

Published 09 November 2021

Animal Management Plan

Whether you are a pet owner or not, Moreton Bay Regional Council is preparing its first ever Animal Management Plan and we need your help.

Mayor Peter Flannery said this is an opportunity to help shape responsible pet ownership across the region by answering a short survey between November 8 and December 5.

“We all love to spoil our pets and providing feedback on Council’s new Animal Management Plan is the purrfect way to ensure your furry friends’ best interests are looked after,” he said.

“We want to know what people think about responsible pet ownership – what does it mean to you and how can Council help?

“This plan is the first step to creating a more harmonious region for residents and their pets to live together as we continue to rapidly grow.

“We have more than 78,000 registered pets in the Moreton Bay Region and as the fifth fastest growing local government area in Australia, that number is only going to expand as more people more here.

“We’ve listened to your feedback from the recent Moreton Says and Local Laws Review surveys to develop a goal to create a community that understands the value of responsible pet ownership.

“We recognise that pets play an important part in many people’s lives – they offer companionship and are they’re part of the family.

“Some people don’t like animals and prefer to enjoy places that are pet free. Others may not have a pet of their own but still enjoy being around pets in shared open spaces such as dog parks and dog off-leash areas.

“With this in mind, Council has drafted four focus areas to guide the Animal Management Plan, and now we want you to have your say to ensure these reflect community needs.

“Your input will help inform Council on how we shape responsible pet ownership through a range of services and initiatives such as, education programs, proactive patrols in public spaces, animal care and rehoming, innovative solutions to nuisance issues and many more.

“Even if you don’t own a pet we still want to hear what you have to say because the reality is responsible pet management affects everyone.

“I encourage everyone to jump on Council’s website and make sure to have your say before the cut-off date of December 5.”

Upon reviewing these survey results, a draft plan will be prepared and presented to Council in mid-2022. The draft plan will then be made available for public consultation before the final plan is presented to council for consideration and adoption.

To complete the survey please visit: https://yoursay.moretonbay.qld.gov.au/animal-management-plan