Former North Lakes Golf Course

Published 09 September 2021

North Lakes suburb signage

UPDATE: 16 March 2021

The legal advice from Christopher Hughes QC Barrister-at-Law determining whether it’s possible to submit a Development Application at the site of the former North Lakes Golf Course has now been received by all parties. In the interests of transparency, Council has made this document publicly available online for everyone who’s interested.

UPDATE: 9 September 2021

At this time, it is understood the owner of the land is considering the potential for a variety of land use proposals on different parts of the former North Lakes Golf Course site.

However, Council has not received any development application over any of the site.

Should the owner proceed with a proposal for a Ministerial Infrastructure Designation over part of the site, such a Designation would make certain works ‘accepted development’ under the Planning Act 2016. Therefore a development approval from the Council would not be required for those specified works. This is a process managed by the Queensland Government’s Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning. It is important to note while Council would be consulted through this process, the decision regarding Designation - and the extent of any specified accepted development - would ultimately be decided by the State Government.

If Council receives a formal development application for a proposed new aged care facility, retirement village or the like on part of the land, it will need to be assessed through the established process under the Planning Act. Depending on the nature of the application lodged, it would be expected to involve a formal period of public consultation. If lodged, details about the development application will be available via Council’s DA tracker portal.

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