Public safety (Closed circuit television cameras)

Public safety has been identified as a high priority for action within the Moreton Bay Regional Council. Key to this notion is that a community that maintains liveable places, community infrastructure and promotes social connection will lead to an improved quality of life for all residents and visitors.

Moreton Bay Regional Council currently operates an extensive network of closed circuit televisions cameras in a range of public places and buildings throughout the region. The cameras help to create a safer environment and reduce crime levels by deterring potential offenders and helping in crime detection.

View CCTV camera locations

Access to footage

An application for access to closed-circuit television footage can be made under the Right to Information Act 2009. Moreton Bay Regional Council is committed to providing residents with open and transparent access to information about council’s services, activities and business operations. See Right to information for details on how to make an application.

Law enforcement

Law enforcement agencies can submit a request for closed circuit television footage.

Storage of footage

All footage is generally retained for a period of forty five (45) days, after which it is electronically overwritten. Footage will not normally be available on request after the 45 day retention period. During system upgrades, repairs, maintenance, changeover or otherwise time to time, footage may be retained for a period of less than 45 days.


Moreton Bay Regional Council employs specially trained operators to monitor the closed circuit television cameras. All recordings are treated as confidential, and access is controlled to only those staff who are authorised, and who need access to them. The collection and storage, use and disclosure of personal information are subject to the privacy obligations in the Information Privacy Act 2009 (QLD). Refer to the Office of the Information Commissioner Queensland.

Making a formal complaint

If you believe that the Moreton Bay Regional Council closed circuit television cameras has been improperly used against you or someone you know, you can make a privacy complaint.

Installation of closed circuit television

If you would like Moreton Bay Regional Council to consider the installation of new closed circuit television cameras you can do so by contacting council.

Further information

For enquiries and further information about public safety, please feel free to contact council.