Community grants

Council provides the following funding opportunities:

Local community support grant

This grant provides funding to community organisations to support local community, cultural, sporting and environmental projects and initiatives benefiting the Moreton Bay Region. Maximum funding of $3,000 per application, up to a maximum of $5,000 per financial year.
View the local community support grant guidelines(PDF, 89KB).

Round Round closing dates Project start dates When to apply
July 31 July 2020 1 September 2020 Apply now
October 31 October 2020 1 December 2020
January 31 January 2021 1 March 2021
April 30 April 2021 1 June 2021

Bi-annual grant rounds

These grants provide funding for community groups to deliver self-sustainable projects and activities in the Moreton Bay Region. Applications can only be submitted during the bi-annual grant rounds.

Category Description Maximum funding When to apply Closing date Notification Project start dates
Community activities Activities, events and projects
Guidelines(PDF, 108KB)
$10,000 Apply now


10 March 2021 6 weeks after closing date 1 May 2021
Community facilities Facility planning or construction and improvement projects
Guidelines(PDF, 108KB)
$20,000 Apply now 10 March 2021 6 weeks after closing date 1 May 2021

Annual celebrations grant

This grant provides funding for community groups to deliver activities in the Moreton Bay Region that acknowledge or celebrate any of the following designated observances. Maximum funding of $1,000 per application. 
View the annual celebrations grant guidelines(PDF, 81KB).

Round 2021 observance dates 2021 round closing dates When to apply
Harmony Week 15-21 March 15 February Apply now
Youth Week 10-18 April 7 March
NAIDOC Week 4-11 July 6 June
Seniors Week August (TBC) July (TBC)
Disability Action Week September (TBC) August (TBC)

Who can apply

A Community organisation that applies for funding must meet the following criteria:

  • be based on the Moreton Bay Region and/or can demonstrate that the proposed project will benefit residents of the Moreton Bay Region
  • have $20 million public liability insurance if required by Council
  • have no overdue Moreton Bay Regional Council grant acquittals.

Individuals are not eligible to apply for funding (RADF excepted).

Unincorporated community groups may apply through an auspice which is able to accept legal and financial responsibility for the project.

Retrospective funding of projects is not available.

Refer to the relevant guidelines for applicant eligibility requirements.

How to apply

Applications must be made online through SmartyGrants, while the grant round is open.

You can apply by clicking the "Apply now" button when displayed in the community grants table.

Supporting documentation

Depending on the grant category for which you are applying, you may need:

  • current Public Liability Certificate
  • audited financial documents
  • quotes
  • letters of support
  • Improvement works application
  • planning documents
  • land owner consent

Please check the relevant guidelines for further information.

Assessment and notification

Applications progress through the following stages:

  1. Eligibility check
  2. Assessment
  3. Council endorsement
  4. Applicants notified

Notification periods vary depending on the grant category.

  • Community Grants - 6 weeks after closing date
  • Local Community Support Grant - 10 business days after closing date
  • Annual Celebrations Grant - 10 business days after closing date

Contact Council

For more information, or before you commence your application, contact Council or email