Precinct Plan 051 - Major Open Space ‘F’ Precinct

Planning intent

Clause 9.2 of the DCP provides an outline of the planning intent for the Open Space Area. The clause relates to the provision and integration of open space to fulfil the aesthetic, conservation and environmental management functions of the DCP area. The intent is summarised as follows:

DCP, Cl.9.2:

"It is intended that a full range of open space opportunities will be conveniently available to the community as it develops."

 Land within the Precinct includes two sections of linear park that have a waterway management function and a pedestrian/bicycle function. The linear open space is intended to serve a part of the broader open space network by providing:

DCP, Cl.9.2.2:

"(a) a network of cycleways, paths and trails allowing movement throughout the DCP area while remaining in a natural or landscaped setting;

(c) inclusion of artificial wetlands and water bodies for water management prior to discharge into Saltwater Creek;

(d) direct connections from urban residential areas to district playing fields, the town centre and community facilities;"

Precinct plan

Precinct Plan 051(PDF, 189KB)

Figures Drawing number Dated
1 - Planning Context(PDF, 182KB) MOSFPrecinctFig1 September 2012
2 - Structure Plan Context(PDF, 250KB) MOSFPrecinctFig2 September 2012
3 - Precinct Plan Map(PDF, 66KB) MOSFPrecinctFig3 September 2012
4 - Landscape Concept Plan Map(PDF, 158KB) MOSFPrecinctFig4 September 2012
5 - Road Layout(PDF, 141KB) MOSFPrecinctFig5 September 2012
6 - Water Supply Headworks(PDF, 196KB) MOSFPrecinctFig6 September 2012
7 - Sewerage Headworks(PDF, 150KB) MOSFPrecinctFig7 September 2012

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