Promote your event

Once your event has been approved, there are a few ways that Council can help with event promotion.  

Get your event online 

You can promote your event through Council’s website. Add your event to Council's calendar and it will appear in our What's on event listYou must submit your event at least two weeks prior and hold it at a set location within Moreton Bay. 

You can also list your event on What's on Moreton Bay, an events guide that provides information on what's happening across Moreton Bay. 

Both Council and What's on Morton Bay online calendars are helpful for checking other events happening around your event's time and location. 

Use a community banner pole 

Council community banner poles are available to not-for-profit and sporting organisations to promote events within Moreton Bay. Find out more about community banner poles including how to book and where they are located. 

Council community newsletters 

Your local Councillor may be able to provide event promotion through their community newsletter. Learn which division your event is in and contact your local councillor