Running and walking groups in Moreton Bay

Person jogging alongside grassy field

Regular walking or running is a great way to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Joining a running or walking group can help you:

  • reduce your risk of heart disease
  • connect with your community
  • improve your energy levels 
  • enhance your overall wellbeing
  • reach your daily target of 10,000 steps.

They are a great way to meet new people who share your interests, stay motivated, and make a positive impact on your physical fitness.

There are many walking or running community groups in the area that welcome people with prams or dogs and cater to all fitness levels, whether you are a casual walker or seasoned runner.

Heart Foundation walking groups

The Heart Foundation Walking initiative is Australia’s largest free walking network. There are many established walking groups around the region.

Find a walking group near you.

Start a walking group

If there is no walking group near you, start one! Volunteer walk organisers play an important role within the community by helping group members take positive steps towards a healthier mind, body and heart.

Learn more about starting a walking group.

Personalised walking plans by the Heart Foundation

The Heart Foundation provides free personalised six-week walking plans to help you get started.

These plans are created based on your current physical activity levels and include weekly emails, motivational messages, support, and downloadable resources you can use to track your progress.

Parkrun running groups

Parkrun is a free community event that occurs every Saturday morning at various locations around Moreton Bay.

The course covers a distance of 5 kilometres and is open to participants who want to walk, jog or run.

There is no time limit and no one finishes last. Everyone is welcome to take part in the event, including volunteers and spectators.

There is a junior Parkrun for young people aged 4 to 14 years and their families. Junior Parkrun is on every Sunday morning and covers a distance of 2 kilometres.

Register and find a Parkrun near you.

Where to go walking or running in Moreton Bay

Hiking trails

Moreton Bay offers a diverse range of hiking trails for outdoor enthusiasts. They are a great opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of Moreton Bay while staying active.

Hikes range from short strolls for all fitness levels to more challenging trails for experienced hikers and cross-country runners.

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Heritage trails

Immerse yourself in history while enjoying the fresh air by exploring Moreton Bay’s many self-guided heritage trails.

You can complete most of the walkable trails within an hour, and they will take you past significant historical landmarks and sites. They provide a great opportunity to be active while learning about our local history and culture.

Discover more about our heritage trails.