Events on private land

Some events or activities on private land may require you to apply for a permit. This will also depend on if the land or location has the correct approval under the Planning Scheme.

Under Local Government Act 2009, a private property becomes a public place if any of the following apply:

  • it is open to the public
  • it is used by the public
  • the public is entitled to use it.

If you are considering holding an event or activity on private land that will meet the criteria for a public place, you may need to submit an Operation of a temporary entertainment event application for approval under Local Law No 1 (Administration) 2011. Schedule 17. Find out more about submitting this application by visiting Public entertainment events and activities.

Council assesses applications on private land to make sure they are carried safely and are considerate of others and the surrounding environment.

You will need written consent from the landowner to hold an event or activity on private land.

If you are unsure whether your activity requires a permit, please contact Council on (07) 3205 0555.