Waste facility conditions of use

  • Users must obey all signage and directions given by authorised personnel.
  • All vehicles must observe and obey the speed limits.
  • Enclosed footwear must be worn onsite at all times.
  • No smoking or consumption of alcohol is permitted.
  • All loads must be covered and secured.
  • Children must remain in vehicles at all times.
  • Animals are prohibited on site.
  • The lighting of fires, unlawful entry or scavenging is prohibited.
  • The weighbridge attendant is authorised to direct all tipping operations and determine charges in accordance with the current fee schedule.
  • Anyone using Council waste facilities do so in the knowledge they are designated waste management facilities. Council accepts no liability for injury to persons or property.
  • Disposal at all sites without a weighbridge is limited to a 1.5 cubic metres load size per visit. Determination is at the discretion of caretakers on site. 

Subsidised waste disposal

Moreton Bay residents can dispose of domestic waste up to 3 tonnes or 26 loads, which ever comes first, of domestic waste free of charge per financial year on presentation of suitable photo identification that will prove their residency within the Moreton Bay Regional Council area.

Suitable photo identification includes:

  • Driver’s licence or some form of photo identification showing their Moreton Bay Regional Council address, or
  • Suitable photo identification in conjunction with a utility bill such as electricity or internet, identifying that they are a resident of the region. Rate notices and water bills are not accepted.

Limits and conditions apply to the maximum subsidised disposal of waste per eligible residential property per financial year. Eligible residents and ratepayers are defined in the Disposal of waste free of charge policy(PDF, 296KB).

To learn more about what domestic products are included in this entitlement, refer to fees and charges.

  • Vehicles must weigh less than 4.5 tonnes gross weight, upon entry to the Waste Facility, to access the entitlements under the Disposal of waste free of charge(PDF, 296KB) policy(PDF, 296KB), conditions apply. 
  • Residents using a commercially badged vehicle for free residential waste disposal must comply with the Disposal of waste free of charge policy(PDF, 296KB).
  • Ratepayers of vacant land, holiday homes and friends, relatives or volunteers assisting residents with disposal of their waste must comply with the Disposal of waste free of charge policy(PDF, 296KB).
  • Charitable organisations, community groups and schools must comply with the Disposal of waste free of charge policy.
  • Domestic hazardous waste, for example, asbestos, gas cylinders and tyres are accepted in limited quantities. Search where to recycle or dispose to view disposal limits.
  • A Waste Disposal Authority is available upon application to residents of senior residential complexes where waste services are delivered by Council, provided the waste is delivered by the residents themselves.
  • Disposal of waste free of charge is not available to ratepayers who are owners of investment properties. Free waste disposal is available to the eligible tenant of the property.
  • Disposal of waste free of charge is not available to residents disposing of commercial waste.
  • Disposal of waste free of charge is not available to residents who engage a commercial operator to dispose of their waste, even if they are accompanying the commercial operator to the facility.
  • Disposal of waste free of charge is not available to residents of company owned senior residential complexes, for example, retirement villages or caravan parks, where waste services are not delivered by Council. Residents of company owned retirement villages or caravan parks where waste services are not delivered by Council are ineligible for a Waste Disposal Authority.

Before visiting Council waste facilities, search where to recycle or dispose, to confirm what waste or recyclables are accepted. 

Note: Commercial operators and non-residents will be charged as per Council fees and charges schedule.