Pensioner rebates on rate notice

Rebates are offered to eligible pensioners, as confirmed by the Centrelink Confirmation eServices:

State Government subsidy

The pensioner must be the owner or life tenant of a deceased estate (either solely or jointly) of the property, the property must be their principal place of residence and the pensioner must hold one of the following cards:

  • blue Pensioner Concession Card issued by Centrelink
  • blue Pensioner Concession Card issued by Veterans' Affairs
  • Repatriation Health Card - for all conditions/TPI - (Gold card) issued by Veterans' Affairs

Eligible applicants will receive a pensioner rebate subsidy of 20% off council’s gross rates and charges up to a maximum of $200.00 per annum ($50.00 per quarter) and 20% off the Emergency Management levy.

Council Pensioner concession

Qualifying pensioners receiving the maximum rate of pension (maximum rate) under Commonwealth law or in receipt of a Department of Veteran Affairs Gold Repatriation Health Card (for all conditions/TPI) will receive the pensioner rate concession per property of 50% off gross rates and charges to a maximum of $62.50 per quarter ($250 per annum).

Qualifying pensioners receiving a pension under Commonwealth law at a rate other than the maximum rate (part-pension) will receive the pensioner rate concession per property of $25 per quarter ($100 per annum).

Eligibility can only be assessed by completing the Pension concession application. If you need help, or are unable to complete this application online contact Council.

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