MBRC Planning Scheme - Caboolture West planning process

Caboolture West is Council’s single biggest growth area. Over the next 40 years it is envisaged the area will become a regional city of 70,000 residents, complete with walkable neighbourhoods containing a range of housing types, employment opportunities, environmental values, community and open space facilities, and activity centres.

The significance of Caboolture West as a growth area is reflected in:

  • the Queensland Government’s declaration of Caboolture West as a Master Planned Area in February 2012
  • Council’s inclusion of the Caboolture West Local Plan within Council’s Planning Scheme in 2016
  • the Queensland Government’s identification of Caboolture West as a Major Expansion Area and High Priority Growth Area in Shaping SEQ South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017
  • the announcement by the State Government in March 2021 that Neighbourhood Development Plan No. 1 of the Caboolture West local plan as a pilot site for a future growth program in South East Queensland.
  • the Queensland Government's identification of Caboolture West as a Priority Growth Area, in December 2021.

Caboolture West Local Plan

The Caboolture West local plan guides the orderly, balanced and sequenced planning and development of the local plan area. The local plan will assist Council in the preparation of Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDP), which are required prior to development assessment to determine necessary land use and infrastructure outcomes. More information on NDPs can be found in Planning scheme policy - Neighbourhood design(PDF, 5MB).

On 26 October 2021, Council amended the MBRC Planning Scheme to incorporate NDP1 into the local plan. Refer to Planning Scheme Amendments for further information on the NDP1 amendment.

Further information about how the Caboolture West Local Plan works is provided in Caboolture West local plan information sheet. Refer to sections 5.9.3 (categories of development and assessment) and 7.2.3 (local plan) of the planning scheme for the full provisions of the local plan. 

Caboolture West Interim Structure Plan

On 13 March 2023, Temporary Local Planning Instrument No. 2 of 2022 - Caboolture West Emerging Community Area was repealed.

On 14 March 2023, the Queensland Government introduced the Caboolture West Interim Structure Plan (CWISP), which provides further guidance for development within part of Caboolture West (referred to as the growth area). The CWISP works with the existing Caboolture West Local Plan to regulate development.

More information about the CWISP can be found on the Queensland Government's website.

Caboolture West Final Structure Plan

The Queensland Government is progressing land use and infrastructure planning for Caboolture West (outside of NDP1) which will inform a new Caboolture West Final Structure Plan. More information about this project can be found on the Queensland Government's website.

Caboolture West Place Naming Project

Development of the Caboolture West local plan area is progressing. With this new community now emerging, it is timely to explore and establish new names for the whole area and suburbs within it. For more information on the naming process Council is undertaking, visit Your Say Moreton Bay