Moreton Bay sends clear message to State - Show us the money!

Published 06 October 2023

City of Moreton Bay

City of Moreton Bay Response to Draft Shaping SEQ 2023 Regional Plan Update.

Statement from Mayor Peter Flannery.

City of Moreton Bay has sent a clear message to the State Government - show us the money!

“The Premier needs to pay attention to City of Moreton Bay. The infrastructure outlined for Moreton Bay in the State’s Draft SEQ Infrastructure Supplement (SEQIS) is not good enough. The proposed infrastructure is not sufficient for our projected growth. We can’t develop land for housing without infrastructure. 

“By 2046, our population will be over 800,000 which is 300,000 more people living in our city compared to today. The growth is coming whether we like it or not and we are willing to accept that reality, unlike some other councils. But we accept this growth on the condition of more money. If we are to shoulder the bulk of the growth – the State Government needs to put its money where its mouth is because the truth is they haven’t been.

“We commissioned a report to look at state investment in Moreton Bay. It shines a harsh light on the Palaszczuk Government’s spending across SEQ. On a per capita basis, Moreton Bay is consistently one of the lowest funded SEQ councils. Out of the seven large SEQ councils, Moreton Bay ranks 5th for the Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program funding on a per capita basis. Almost half of the State’s transport expenditure in our area is for planning and maintenance. Moreton Bay is the lowest funded council in terms of investment in local road networks.

“We should be top of the list because we’ve already got the population to demand it and we are continuing to welcome new people. We are the third largest Council in Australia. We will welcome over 12,500 people every year for the next 25 years. That’s 240 people - or 92 new dwellings - every week.

“For once, let’s build the roads, bridges, schools, and housing as we grow. We don’t want to see money wasted on business cases and studies. That is bureaucratic delaying tactics... and we are sick of them. Our residents pay 97% of their taxes to the other levels of government. It is their expectation that money will be re-invested in the infrastructure they need. Our submission outlines additional projects that must be included to support housing, jobs and population growth. That list includes major road corridor upgrades, new roads, bridge crossings, rail level crossing removals and a freight terminal.

“Council has identified 15 additional Region-shaping Infrastructure projects including most importantly the Buchanan Road Corridor Upgrade. While the long-awaited Bruce Highway Western Alternative is included, the State Government needs to urgently super charge progress on this project.

“Council does not support the inclusion of Elimbah in the Urban Footprint at this stage. The significance of Waraba and Morayfield South (100,000 residents combined) needs to be recognised and must be prioritised for planning and infrastructure delivery before Elimbah. 

“It is concerning to us that the State’s current plans are devoid of any meaningful public transport planning

“This draft plan also falls short of our minimum employment growth needs by 50,000 jobs. Moreton Bay needs its fair share of the anticipated job growth; at a bare minimum we will need 3.7 new jobs for every 10 new residents. The plan outlines only 2.3 jobs per 10 new residents.

“We are asking for the State Government to show us the money and we will show you how to create a city that people love even as it grows.” 



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