Southern Pumicestone Passage Shoreline Erosion Management Plan

Council recognised the importance of the coastal zone in the southern end of Pumicestone Passage to the natural, cultural and socio-economic welfare of the community.

The foreshores of Bongaree, Bellara, Banksia Beach (south of Wright’s Creek) and Sandstone Point (between Bribie Island Bridge and Turner’s Camp) had been identified as a priority area for erosion management as shoreline erosion has the potential to impact on amenity, infrastructure and development. A comprehensive study has been completed to ensure appropriate coastal management.

Council’s consulting engineers undertook the development of the Shoreline Erosion Management Plan (SEMP) for these locations, generally described as the Bribie Island SEMP. The final SEMP report has been received by Council and broadly includes the following:

  • Identification and review of the existing coastal environment
  • Identification of legislative requirements for the management of coastal resources
  • Identification of risks to the coastal area and existing infrastructure
  • Identification and analysis of possible generic management options for the coastal systems
  • A review of these options with regard to the legislative framework
  • Provision of recommended prioritised concept level management actions

With acceptance of the report Council is now in a position, over the coming years subject to available funding, to commence the development of designs, seek the specific approvals identified and undertake the recommended works.

Report chapters

  1. Introduction  [PDF 380KB]
  2. Study Area Coastal Assessments  [PDF 2MB]
  3. South Point to Bongaree Jetty  [PDF 1MB]
  4. Bongaree Jetty to Bribie Gardens Estate  [PDF 625KB]
  5. Bongaree North to Bellara  [PDF 615KB]
  6. Sylvan Beach Boating Infrastructure  [PDF 680KB]
  7. Sylvan Beach North  [PDF 560KB]
  8. Banksia Beach  [PDF 720KB]
  9. Sandstone Point to Turner’s Camp  [PDF 600KB]
  10. Coastal Management Considerations  [PDF 210KB]
  11. Summary of Key Coastal Issues  [PDF 25KB]
  12. Stakeholder Consultation Overview  [PDF 25KB]
  13. Management Options  [PDF 230KB]
  14. References  [PDF 3MB]

State agency letters

During development of the Bribie SEMP, state agencies such as the Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) and Fisheries Queensland, a service of the Department of Employment and Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI), were consulted with regard to compliance of the recommended actions with their legislative requirements.

They provided letters to Council accepting the general outline of the report. Letters from:

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