Disaster management

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Disasters and emergencies can strike anytime and in many forms. Help minimise the impact of a disaster by undertaking these four key steps:

1. Know the risks

Know the risks to help protect your family & property.

Severe storm
Severe storm
East coast low
East coast low
Tropical cyclone and storm tide
Tropical cyclone / storm tide
Other disaster risks
Other risks

2. Be prepared

Maximise the safety of your family in a disaster.

3. Stay alert

Access up-to-date, accurate disaster information.

4. Take action

Be ready to take action when required.

Moreton Bay Regional Council acknowledges Emergency Management Australia, Public Service Business Agency, Bureau of Meteorology, State Emergency Service and Red Cross Australia for the information provided within this site.

How can I help?


Volunteering in a disaster event can be a great way to help your community.


For businesses and corporate organisations wanting to assist communities impacted by disaster, GIVIT will ensure your donation directly addresses urgent community need. Please visit GIVIT website or email to pledge your donation or offer of assistance.

For individuals wanting to donate money, items or services, and to see what is urgently needed in the disaster affected communities, please visit GIVIT website. All money donated will be used to purchase items locally.

Translated materials

For translated fact sheets, Australian Sign Language (Auslan) videos and ethnic radio stations, see translated materials.

Local Disaster Management Plan

Council has a responsibility to plan and prepare for disasters, to coordinate the immediate response to an event and to help the community get back on its feet after an event has occurred. View Council's Local Disaster Management Plan. This version of the local disaster management plan has recently been reviewed and updated and was approved by Council on Tuesday, 12 September 2017.

Further information

Key agencies with further information about how to be prepared for disasters:

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