Osprey House


Discover the rich bird and marine life of the Pine River as you explore the wheelchair friendly boardwalks surrounding Osprey House. Perfect for bird watchers or nature enthusiasts, the Osprey House boardwalks include an amphitheatre, bird hide and viewing platform.

Inside the environment centre you can see our life-sized Dugong statue and learn about the importance of a mangrove habitat with our educational displays. Osprey House is also home to a specifically built raptor pole equipped with CCTV allowing you to watch live footage of our resident nesting Ospreys from inside the centre. This footage is recorded and documented by our dedicated volunteers. The centre is free of charge to enter and you can also check out the habitat tree display.

View our brochure(PDF, 1MB) for further information.

Note: Osprey House grounds are not bookable spaces and dogs are not allowed on site (service dogs excepted). 

Osprey nest

The specifically designed raptor pole and monitoring camera were installed at Osprey House in September 2006 and saw the first nesting pair arrive by 2008. The first successful hatching occurred in July 2009, who fledged approximately two and a half months later. After several changes in adult pairs, we saw the current breeding pair, Hope and George occupy at the nest in May 2018. Their first successful offspring Pippin, who fledged in 2019 is still sporadically seen visiting the nest. Three eggs were laid in June 2020 with one chick still in the nest.

Watch the osprey chick

Watch the changes of this year’s Osprey chick. Over the first 8 weeks it develops flight feathers and tests its wingspan. With regular fish supplied by both parents, its only at 2 months old that it begins to tear food apart for itself with that sharp beak. Staying in the nest for up to 12 months, it won’t be long before the chick takes flight and uses those large talons to catch fish of its own.

Visit the centre to view the live cameras to see how this chick develops. 


  • Osprey nest CCTV viewing
  • Mangrove boardwalk
  • River viewing platform and bird hide
  • Small playground
  • Picnic benches and barbecue


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