Council’s going green as we mow!

Published 17 June 2022

Electric mower

Council’s mantra of ‘going green as we grow’ is being powered into overdrive in the 2022-23 Budget, with the purchase of two new solar-powered ride-on mowers to help maintain our parks.

Mayor Peter Flannery said these mowers would help Council manage and maintain the 100 million sqm of parks, gardens, trails, fire breaks and nature reserves across Moreton Bay.

“Council isn’t just ‘going green as we grow’, we’re also ‘going green as we mow’!” he said.

“We’ve tested two electric mowers that are now ready to be taken be deployed in local parks. They have seven hours of battery life, no emissions and less than half the noise of regular mowers, so people living near our green spaces will quickly notice the difference.

“We are also using solar roof panels for their overnight battery charging and that makes the mowers even more environmentally friendly.

“We’ve heard our residents loud and clear through the Moreton Says survey that you want more action to be taken, and we’re delivering to become a more environmentally conscious Council.

“Two mowers might not sound like a big deal, but when you think about the 100 million sqm of parks and gardens in Moreton Bay we have to maintain, every effort counts.

“In summer, parks and gardens are mowed an average of once every two weeks!

“It’s all part of Moreton Bay’s commitment to going green and my vision of becoming one of the most environmentally friendly councils in Australia.

“In addition to the new mowers, we’re also investing in new electric pruning saws, an eBike for inspecting footpaths and a Hyundai Ioniq that’s quickly becoming one of the most popular cars in the Council fleet.

“I’m sure that residents will appreciate not only the peace and quiet that comes with these investments - but also the emission reductions that flow from the technology.

“We have an ambitious program to convert methane gas to energy at our waste facilities, with plans to add a massive Tesla battery to store the green energy.

“Ultimately, it’s all part of a program that involves environmental infrastructure, koala conservation and improved liveability right across the Moreton Bay region.”