MBRC Planning Scheme - Redcliffe Kippa-Ring local plan

The SEQ Regional plan designates Redcliffe and Kippa-Ring as a Major Regional Activity Centre. As a result, council will prepare the Redcliffe Activity Centre Strategy for this area. The Redcliffe Kippa-Ring local plan covers part of the area.

The Redcliffe Activity Centre Strategy will help capitalise on opportunities associated with major activity centres, as well as new local infrastructure including the Redcliffe Seaside Village rejuvenation and Redcliffe Peninsula Line.

Redcliffe activity centre

Redcliffe Activity Centre Strategy study area  

Redcliffe Activity Centre Strategy and the new scheme

While Council prepares the Redcliffe Activity Centre Strategy, the Redcliffe Kippa-Ring local plan (found in Part 5 and Part 7 of the planning scheme) will be used to manage land use and development in the area through a range of interim zones and precincts. 

Generally, the local plan reflects the intent of existing zones and preferred use areas in the Redcliffe City Planning Scheme. However, in some cases, the intent may change to better reflect outcomes sought by the Redcliffe Activity Centre Strategy. The table below explains each of the interim precincts in the Redcliffe and Kippa-Ring local plan area. Once prepared, the Redcliffe Activity Centre Strategy will be incorporated into the new planning scheme as a future amendment.

Redcliffe local plan precincts

Zone map - view full size map(PDF, 773KB)

Strategic vision for Redcliffe and Kippa-Ring

Council’s 20-year vision for Redcliffe and Kippa-Ring, identified in the Strategic Framework, is for a mix of places including activity centres, urban neighbourhoods, next generation neighbourhoods and special areas. It is envisaged the area will develop in line with the long-term outcomes sought for these places. Amendments may be made to the Strategic Framework to reflect the Redcliffe Activity Centre Strategy when it is completed in the future. More information regarding place types is available within the strategic framework, section 3.14 MBRC Place Model.

Redcliffe Activity Centre place types
Strategic Framework place type map   

Redcliffe Kippa-Ring Local Plan Precincts

Precinct Overview Examples of Appropriate Development
Redcliffe Seaside Village - applies to the area around the Redcliffe Seaside Village A higher order activity centre with a strong focus on leisure, entertainment and culture for locals and tourists.
  • Retail - Shops, cafés and restaurants, bars and markets
  • Commercial - Key administration centre, State and local government offices, professional and service businesses
  • Residential - High density, multi-storey
  • Community - Artistic, social or cultural facilities, child care, education, health care services, religious activities, social interaction or entertainment, support services, civic park
  • Entertainment - Function Facility, Hotel, Indoor Sport and Recreation, Markets and Theatre 
Kippa-Ring Village - applies to the Kippa-Ring Shopping area A higher order activity centre with a focus on retail and commercial activities which support, but do not compete with the business, commercial or retail functions of the Redcliffe Seaside Village.
  • Retail - Department stores, discount department stores, personal service, full-line supermarkets, full range of specialty stores
  • Commercial - Intermediate level offices, local professional offices
  • Residential - Medium density, multi-storey
  • Community - child care, health care services, social interaction or entertainment
Kippa-Ring Station - applies to the land being redeveloped for the Kippa-Ring Station Kippa-Ring station provides a transit hub supporting multiple modes of sustainable transport options centred on the railway station and bus interchange.
  • Community - Public utility and infrastructure, civic space
  • Retail - shop, and food and drink outlet where located within the Station building
Local Services - generally applies areas within the Local Services Preferred Use Area 12 of the Redcliffe City Plan. The Local services precinct has a strong focus on the provision of service industries with ancillary workshops, retail and office uses that serve the immediate needs of the community.
  • Retail - food and drink outlet, garden centre, outdoor sales, shop less than 100m2. Small scale and only occur where there is a direct nexus with local service activities occurring within the precinct
  • Service Industry, indoor sport and recreation, car wash and veterinary services.
  • Commercial - small scale and only occur where there is a direct nexus with local service activities occurring within the precinct
  • Residential - No residential uses other than caretakers accommodation
Health - applies to the public and private hospital and some areas surrounding the Redcliffe Hospital. The primary location for the delivery of health or medical related services for the Redcliffe peninsular through the co-location of health and medical services, using the synergy of established medical facilities.
  • Retail - food and drink outlet and other small scale retail uses if health or medical related
  • Commercial - small scale office or service industry uses if health or medical related
  • Residential - Medium density, multi-storey including retirement or care facilities
  • Community - Artistic, social or cultural facilities, child care, education (health or medical related), health care services, support services, civic park
Interim residential - generally applies to land around the Kippa-Ring Station, Anzac Avenue and the Redcliffe Hospital. This area also includes the stables located on Knight Street. The purpose of the Interim residential precinct is to identify and preserve land that may be suitable for more intense urban development in the future, allowing interim uses that will not compromise the longer term use of the land.
  • Residential - Dwelling House, Home-based business
  • Animal Keeping - for equine stables only (located on Knight Street with a minimum lot size of 1200m2)
Open Space and Recreation   A range of formal and informal, active and passive sport and recreation opportunities are provided to meet community needs.
  • Retail - Food and drink outlet, markets
  • Residential - caretakers’s accommodation and tourist park only
  • Community - Artistic, social or cultural facilities, support services, emergency services, sport and recreation, park, and some entertainment uses
Sport and Recreation   Sports and recreation precinct specifically recognises existing sport and recreation facilities and provides for their ongoing use and development.  

To find out the categories of development and assessment (type of application required, if any) in the Redcliffe Kippa-Ring Local Plan, refer to Part 5, section 5.9.1 Tables of assessment Redcliffe Kippa-Ring local plan. Assessment benchmarks (requirements) for the development in the Redcliffe Kippa-Ring Local Plan areas can be found in Part 7, section 7.2.1 Redcliffe Kippa-Ring local plan code. Assessment benchmarks for reconfiguring a lot in the area can be found in Part 9 Reconfiguring a lot code (refer to relevant precinct).In a Local plan area, zones are not used to determine the categories of development and assessment or assessment benchmarks. The requirements of the Local plan precincts override zone requirements. For information and planning scheme requirements about properties outside the Redcliffe Kippa-Ring local plan area, refer to the relevant zone information sheet..