Cultivate the Arts

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Cultivate the Arts is a professional development program for locals in the creative sector including visual artists, crafters, musicians, theatre practitioners, dancers, artsworkers and more.

The program invites local creatives to participate in a range of workshops and opportunities that support the continued growth and development of arts and culture within the Moreton Bay Region and showcase the region's talented and diverse community.


The 2021/22 program offers a range of events focusing on networking opportunities, skill development for public art and activations and workshops to support creative businesses. Networking opportunities enable local creatives to meet others in their creative field and be inspired by speakers and activities aimed at nurturing local talent.

Public art and activations forums and workshops will upskill visual artists by exploring the contemporary landscape of public art. Workshops supporting creative businesses centre on the digital environment with a focus on website creation and social media.

 Have you recently participated in a workshop or event? Provide your feedback to help us plan and improve future workshops and events.