Waste disposal authority

Moreton Bay Regional Council allows all residents of the region to dispose of household waste, recyclables and green waste free-of-charge at council’s waste management facilities, upon presentation of photo identification confirming proof of residency.

However, council’s Disposal of Waste Free of Charge Policy also provides conditional free disposal of general waste, green waste and recyclables to:

  • Friends or relatives disposing of waste on behalf of a MBRC resident
  • Non-resident MBRC ratepayers
  • Owners of vacant land in the Moreton Bay Region
  • Council-approved community or sporting groups
  • Charities
  • Local residential complexes for seniors
  • Local schools and other education facilities
  • Special circumstances such as council-supported events, hardships, projects that benefit the community, bush or waterway improvement activities, and sporting carnivals/fetes

Review the full policy(PDF, 151KB) to check eligibility before completing the application for waste disposal authority(PDF, 252KB).

Upon approval, you will be issued with a personalised Letter of Authority that will outline any applicable user conditions and access limits.

Note: You must present your Letter of Authority upon each entry to a waste facility and it can only be used for the specific approved purpose. Fines apply for false or misleading information.

Tipping authorities are not available for disposing of commercial/business waste, regulated hazardous waste or where the waste is collected and transported on behalf of a resident for fee or reward.