Renew your permit or licence

Council will issue your licence or permit renewal notice by email. Renewal notices are only sent by post when there is no registered email address with Council or if requested.

The licence or permit approval you have determines the type of renewal you will receive:

  • food businesses will receive an offer of renewal and a licence renewal notice
  • prescribed activity (local law) permit holders will receive an offer of renewal
  • higher risk personal appearance services will get a licence renewal notice
  • shared facility accommodation, camping grounds or caravan parks receive a permit renewal notice
  • holders of an Environmental Authority will get an annual notice.

Because Environmental Authorities do not expire, Council will not issue an updated version.

The due date for payment is on your notice. New licence certificates and permit approvals will only be issued when fees are paid in full.

Pay your invoice, renewal or annual notice online

Pay now

You can also pay by phone or in person at a Customer Service Centre. Refer to Pay your invoice, renewal or notice for more information.