Animal allowance per property

This is a guide to the number of animals permitted for domestic purposes on various allotment types and sizes and should be considered in conjunction with the Local Law and Subordinate Local Law No. 2 (Animal Management) 2011

If you are keeping animals as a primary producer or in another commercial manner, e.g. boarding kennel, you will need to comply with  Council's planning scheme. 

Animals must be kept in accordance with the requirements of Animal Management (Cats & Dogs) Act 2008 and Council’s Local Law No. 2 (Animal Management 2011) and Subordinate Local Law 2

Additional notes

  • These figures do not represent an absolute entitlement. There may be other requirements such as leases, covenants or town planning restrictions.
  • Refer to the MBRC Planning Scheme for more detailed information on land use and vegetation clearing to determine whether planning applications are required for your intended purposes.
  • Juvenile (unweaned) animals are not counted in the overall totals of animals on an allotment.
  • A recognised animal breeder may obtain approval to keep additional animals.

Keeping of cats and dogs

  • Cats and dogs must be registered with Moreton Bay Regional Council
  • A person must not keep cats or dogs in a caravan park, camping ground or relocatable home park.
  • Cats and dogs cannot be registered to a vacant allotment.
  • Dogs are not permitted on any property located in the following three (3) streets in Narangba: Desmond Street, Samuel Way or Steven Court to minimise impacts on koala habitat.

Keeping of stock 

Restrictions may apply to the cumulative total of stock animals at the following rates:

  • large livestock (cows, horses, etc.): minimum land size required 6001 square metre, maximum of 1 per 4000 square metres 
  • sheep/goats: minimum land size required 3001 square metres, maximum 1 per 1000 square metres

Multi-unit complexes

  • Contact your Body Corporate to ensure there are no restrictions on the keeping of animals in your multi-unit complex. 
  • You must not keep more than two (2) small parrots or other similar sized birds in a unit within the multi unit complex.
  • You must not keep a large parrot or other similar size bird in a unit within a multi unit complex.