Changes to free domestic waste disposal

From 15 December 2022, there are changes to the Disposal of waste free of charge policy.

There will be no charge for green waste disposed by eligible residents or ratepayers at Council's waste facilities once the household has reached its household limit.

Each residential dwelling can dispose of general waste, clean concrete and clean soil free of charge as part of an annual entitlement of either 3 tonnes or 26 visits per financial year. Disposal of these waste types will be subject to fees once this entitlement has been reached.

These annual limits do not apply to residents without access to a kerbside bin collection service. 

Residents can bring in the following materials to participating waste facilities for recycling free of charge:

  • green waste
  • hazardous household items that are unsafe to dispose of in bins such as gas bottles, paint, oil and batteries
  • clean uncontaminated cardboard
  • metals, including steel, ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • sorted recyclable waste
  • good quality, saleable items for resale at Council’s Treasure Markets.

Contact Council if you have any questions or require further information.

Annual limits and charges

Waste facilities with a weighbridge

At waste facilities with a weighbridge, once the 3-tonne annual limit or the 26 visit limit has been reached the charges will be:

Waste type Cost per tonne Minimum charge
General waste T1115 NA
Clean concrete and bricks T1116 T1117
 Clean soil T1118 T1119

Additional limits apply to some products as per Council’s fee schedule.

Waste facilities without a weighbridge

For waste facilities without a weighbridge, the annual free disposal limit will be 26 visits a year. After this limit is reached fees will be calculated based on vehicle size and product type. The charges will be:

General waste

Vehicle type  Cost per visit
 Car T1124
 Car and trailer T1125
 Van or ute T1120
 Van/ute and trailer T1126