Local Laws

After a comprehensive review, City of Moreton Bay has made 13 new local laws to better align with contemporary community needs, expectations and lifestyle. The laws were prepared in direct response to feedback from the community through Council’s Local Laws Review Project, a three-phase engagement program conducted between March 2021 and June 2023. The new laws will commence within the next month, with a notice being published in the Gazette and on Council’s website.

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Provides for the elimination or reduction of risks and threats to the environment and public health, safety and amenity resulting from local pest weeds and animals; overgrown and unsightly allotments; local annoyances and hazard including structures that impact the amenity of the area; and specific noise standards.

Regulates the storage, servicing and removal of waste; disposal of waste and Council waste facilities; and ensuring that it doesn't result in harm to human health, safety or personal injury; property damage or loss of amenity; or environmental harm/nuisance.

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