Filming in the region

Moreton Bay Regional Council regulates film production to ensure that activities are carried out safely with minimal disruption to residents and businesses.  A permit is required when filming on council controlled land in accordance with Council’s Film Production on Council Controlled Land policy(PDF, 120KB).

Council also provides useful advice and information in relation to location scouting, and opportunities with local businesses and tourism operations.

When is a permit required

The following productions require a permit:

  • feature and short films;
  • new media / multimedia;
  • documentaries;
  • television programs and commercials;
  • corporate / music video’
  • student films;
  • still photography; and
  • remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) filming and photography (Approval holder must undertake activities in accordance with Civil Aviation Safety Regulations Part 101. See the Civil Aviation Safety Authority)

Council cannot grant approval for productions on State and Federal roads or reserves (includes Marine and National Parks). Requests for filming must be processed and approved by the relevant authority.

When is a permit not required

The following activities do not require a permit:

  • private use
  • news, current affair or live to air reporting
  • weddings.

How to apply for approval

Complete the online approval application including all the supporting documentation and an officer will contact you to discuss.  You may be required to pay the Filming on Council control land fee.

Lodge approval application

Low-impact filming production requests (Allow at least 10 working days for processing)

Low impact productions generally last less than five continuous days and do not require:

  • the assembly of temporary buildings or structures
  • road closure
  • traffic control measures to be implemented during the hours of 5:00 AM - 6:00 PM on a weekday
  • operation between the hours of 6:00 PM - 7:00 AM Monday to Saturday, or at any time on a Sunday or public holiday, where that Film Production generates noise

High-impact filming production requests (Allow at least 21 working days for processing)

High-impact film productions are those not classified as low-impact.

Temporary road closures

A temporary part or full road closure may be required.  Refer to Request temporary road closure to determine if an application is required, and the process to apply.

Certificate of currency - public liability insurance

A certificate of currency for public liability insurance for a minimum of $20 million covering the duration of the approved production is required at the time of application.  Applications without current public liability insurance documents are unable to be processed.

Council reserves the right to deny any film production based on the production scale or content.

Security bond

A security bond may be required for high-impact film productions to ensure council property is left clean and tidy, and any damage is rectified. The bond will be determined by Council based on a risk assessment of the proposed film production.

Where damage occurs, and it is not fixed at the direction of Council, Council will assess the cost of the damage and deduct it from the bond.  Application for the return of the security bond is to be made by completing the Security bond refund request.

Permit fee

Filming on Council controlled land 87445

Council reserves the right to waive fees for Film Productions, including those by:

  • not-for-profit and community organisations
  • persons who will positively promote Moreton Bay Regional Council or the Moreton Bay Region
  • students undertaking an approved course offered by an educational institution

For consideration of fee exemptions for student productions, the following must be provided:

  • evidence from the higher educational institution confirming proof of enrolment in the relevant subject / unit
  • letter from the higher educational institution stating that the production will be conducted for the enrolled course
  • Certificate of currency for public liability insurance issued by the higher educational institution

Fee may be charged if:

  • application is received outside of time frames
  • amendments are required to submitted applications.

Fee exemptions will not be considered for applications submitted outside the required time frames and without all supporting documentation provided, and may be subject to an additional fee.

Location advice

Moreton Bay Region is located north of Brisbane City and south of the Sunshine Coast and is the ideal location for domestic and international filmmakers.

A choice of thriving commercial precincts and premier foreshore, country and lakeside locations make it perfect for your next production.

For information on locations visit the Moreton Bay Screen Reel.

Moreton Bay Screen Reel

For location advice, contact Council at