Council is committed to the provision of quality recreation and cultural opportunities, creating strong and inclusive communities and delivering a range of activities that contribute towards the growth and prosperity of the Region’s economy. Council recognises the role that Sponsorship arrangements for significant events and activities can play in the achievement of these strategic goals.

Lodging an application

Prior to lodging a sponsorship application, applicants are required to contact Council’s Economic Development Team first to discuss their proposal. This will provide an opportunity for applicants to receive initial feedback regarding the eligibility and alignment of their proposal with respect to Council’s Sponsorship Policy and these Guidelines.  Applicants may also be required to pitch their proposal to the Sponsorship Review Panel prior to their lodgement of an application.

To discuss your proposal contact Council or email sponsorships@moretonbay.qld.gov.au.

View the Sponsorship Guidelines(PDF, 124KB)

Who can apply

Eligible applicants must:

  • be a registered and legal entity with an Australia Business Number (ABN) or an Australian Company Number (ACN)
  • clearly articulate and quantify (where possible) the economic and community outcomes associated with the proposal
  • provide sponsorship benefits to Council commensurate with the value of the sponsorship provided
  • have no overdue grant or sponsorship acquittals with Council
  • have no outstanding debts of any kind with Council
  • hold an appropriate public liability insurance policy to cover the event or activity
  • demonstrate that the Sponsorship will be used for a purpose in the public interest and in accordance with Council’s Sponsorship Policy and this Guideline
  • demonstrate they can deliver the proposed event or activity
  • be capable of obtaining all regulatory approvals for the event or activity
  • be financially viable.

Council will not consider sponsorship arrangements with:

  • individuals
  • unincorporated/informal groups
  • political organisations.

Eligible Projects

Council may enter into sponsorship arrangements for the following event and activity types:

  • Significant community events and activities that provide opportunities for residents and visitors to connect and participate in community, cultural, multicultural, recreational or environmental endeavours.
  • Significant regional, state, national or international sporting events and activities that: profile the Moreton Bay Region as a sporting destination, activate the region’s sporting infrastructure and/or encourage sports participation and player pathways through the participation of elite athletes.
  • Events and activities that support or attract businesses, industries and their members/employees within or to the Region in alignment with the Regional Economic Development Strategy.
  • Significant events and activities that profile the Moreton Bay Region as a tourism or business destination, activate the region’s infrastructure and/or encourage pathways connected to the Regional Economic Development Strategy.

Contact Council

For more information about the Council’s Sponsorship Program and to discuss your project, contact Council or email sponsorship@moretonbay.qld.gov.au.