It’s completely unacceptable: Moreton Bay scathing on illegal parking

Published 17 November 2021

Disability parking bay

Moreton Bay Regional Council is warning would-be offenders that it won’t tolerate the illegal use of disability parking bays, after it elected to pursue an unpaid fine through the courts.

Moreton Bay Mayor Peter Flannery reiterated the region’s zero tolerance approach and said people living with a disability deserved the right to an accessible community.

It comes after council earlier this year doubled the penalty for people who use designated disability parking spaces illegally from $266 to 533.

“When you flagrantly disobey the law and take away a disability parking bay from someone who genuinely needs it - it’s completely unacceptable behaviour,” Mayor Flannery said.

“Twenty per cent of people in Moreton Bay live with some form of disability, and these parking bays are vital to make sure they can safely get to medical appointments, services and go about their everyday lives.

“Even if it’s just for five minutes, using a spot when you’re not supposed to forces others who rely on it to park in places that might be difficult to navigate for them, and sometimes even give up on their trip.

Mayor Flannery said inclusivity in the region mattered, and that council’s decision to proceed with pursuing the unpaid fine through the courts reiterated the region’s support for accessibility.

“I want Moreton Bay to the be the most accessible community in Australia - with inclusive playgrounds, and accessible designs at our libraries and facilities, just to name a few.

“And that extends to making the journey to our shops, spaces and facilities as accessible as possible too.”

Guide Dogs Queensland Chief Executive Officer Michael Kightley has supported Moreton Bay Regional Council’s hard-line stance.

“Disability parking permits provide improved safety and accessibility to people who need these spaces, including those who are living with blindness or low vision,” Mr Kightley said.

“By using the disability parking spaces without the appropriate permit, it means you are potentially putting someone else’s life at risk.”

“We want to thank the majority of people who do the right thing, and appreciate Moreton Bay Regional Council’s support in protecting the rights of people who do rely on these disability parking spaces.”