Bird places around the Moreton Bay region

Birds of Moreton Bay

South-East Queensland is one of Australia’s biodiversity hotspots. Over 360 bird species (more than 40 percent of Australia’s species) have been recorded in the Moreton Bay region. Our diverse habitats, including beaches, wetlands, grasslands, woodland, heathland, rainforest, large freshwater lakes and subtropical location create ample birdwatching opportunities.

City of Moreton Bay, in partnership with Birds Queensland and Birdlife Southern Queensland, have produced the ultimate guide to Birds places of the Moreton Bay region.

Whether you are wanting to see some of our regular species such as the Bar-shouldered Dove, Dusky Moorhen and Little Cormorant or observe something more uncommon or migratory, this brochure provides you with information on over 30 birdwatching locations around the region.

View the brochure(PDF, 873KB)