Precinct Plan 009 - Major Community Facilities 'A'

Planning intent

Major community facilities are designated on the structure plan for the land to the east of the town centre, adjacent to a linear park and Anzac Avenue. One of the desired environmental outcomes for this area is to provide an integrated shared campus secondary school complex to provide for the Mango Hill population, with additional enrolments coming from other adjacent residential areas and potentially the wider region. Alternative desirable environmental outcomes may include a stand-alone secondary school together with other appropriate major and local community services.

Precinct plan

Precinct Plan 009(PDF, 60KB)

FiguresDrawing numberDated
1 - Location Plan(PDF, 315KB)MCFA-PP-F01September 2001
2 - Structure Plan Context(PDF, 216KB)MCFA-PP-F02September 2001
3 - Development Context and Concept Principles(PDF, 255KB)MCFA-PP-F03September 2001
4 - Precinct Plan Map(PDF, 197KB)MCFA-PP-F04September 2001
5 - Landscape Concept Plan(PDF, 174KB)MCFA-PP-F05September 2001
6 - Road Layout Plan(PDF, 169KB)MCFA-PP-F06September 2001
7 - Water Supply Headworks(PDF, 201KB)MCFA-PP-F07September 2001
8 - Sewerage Headworks(PDF, 214KB)MCFA-PP-F08September 2001