Incentivising infill development

Council is committed to incentivising the right development in the right location. The Incentivising Infill Development Policy(PDF, 3MB) has been available since 1 July 2017 for a range of developments within targeted areas of the region.

The time frame of the Policy has recently been extended for a further two (2) years to December 2021. The targeted uses and requirements of the Policy have been reviewed, and a new defined area included and mapped (Arana Hills precinct). 

The Policy applies to the following 'Defined Areas':

The policy offers financial incentives relating to application fees and infrastructure charges, for projects meeting the eligibility criteria.

The uses targeted by the policy are:

  • rooming accommodation (student accommodation)
  • mixed use development (must include a combination or residential and non-residential uses)
  • multiple dwelling
  • short term accommodation
  • retirement facility
  • residential care facility
  • office.

The eligibility criteria includes additional design and minimum size requirements for the above-listed developments.

The Incentivising Infill Development program is open to projects that meet the eligibility criteria, have been approved under the MBRC Planning scheme i.e. post 1 February 2016 and will be substantially commenced by 31 December 2021. For more details, contact council.