Cat and dog registration

A public notice has been issued advising the Approved systematic inspection programs is being conducted in the region.

The Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008 and Moreton Bay Regional Council Local Law No. 2 (Animal Management) 2011 regulate the requirements for dogs and cats to be registered by 12 weeks of age or within 14 days of being brought into the region. 

Dogs are prohibited from particular properties located in Desmond Street, Samuel Way or Steven Court, Narangba in order to minimise impacts upon koala habitat.

Animals that are approved for registration exemption are required to complete the Animal Registration Application(PDF, 287KB) and submit with supporting documentation.

See fees, charges and exemptions for cat and dog registrations for the current financial year. Pro rata rates may apply in some circumstances.

Registration period for cats and dogs is 1 October to 30 September. An animal can be registered in the name of one person only. Registered person must be 18 years or over.

Registration tag will be posted to the registered person once the registration is processed. 

New registration application

The annual registration renewal process has begun. Notices are being sent to owners due for renewal. If you register your animal today, your registration will only be current until 30 September 2022. An animal registration renewal notice will be issued to you in October for the 1 October 2022 to 30 September 2023 registration period. For more information, refer to the fees page for the 2022/2023 period.


Step 1.Have animal details and supporting documentation handy

Details of animal to be registered including microchip details. If concession fees apply, prepare supporting documentation as individual electronic files, ready to upload to the online form. 

Step 2.Register your animal

Payment by MasterCard or Visa required at time of registration.

Register online

Step 3.Animal registration tag

Animal registration certificate and tag will be posted to you.

In person

Step 1.Take animal details and supporting documentation

Details of animal to be registered including microchip details, and if concession fees apply, supporting documentation.

Step 2.Visit one of the following

Customer Service Centres

Step 3.Animal registration tag

Animal registration certificate and tag will be issued upon registration and payment.

The number of cats and dogs on a property is regulated by Council's local law and is dependent on the size of the property. Council has set minimum standards for the keeping and control of animals.

Contact Council if your dog is now desexed to ensure your registration renewal is charged at the desexed concession amount.