Regional Recycler 2021

Create new waste mascots

Create the new Rethink waste mascot

We need your best mascot ideas!

After decades of service our Council waste mascots Reggie Recycler and Busy Lizzie are retiring and we are looking for creative designs to choose a new mascot for 2021 and beyond.

Get your school or early learning centre involved in designing our new Rethink waste mascot to be in the running for great prizes.

Outside school hours care, home school and distance education are eligible to enter as a collaborative group, where a minimum of 20 individual households are involved in one submission.

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The winning entry will be awarded $2,500 and a repurposed metal and timber trophy.

Three highly commended schools/centres will be awarded $500 each.

Making a mascot

When creating your school/centres entry, keep the following objectives and considerations in mind:

  • The new mascot will support Council to continue an award-winning waste education program, provide more marketing and community engagement activities to encourage sustainable waste behaviour change (including waste avoidance and reduction, reduced contamination in reuse and recycling waste streams).
  • A costume of the new mascot will be developed from the winning design for use at events and activities. The mascot character (human/animal/object) must therefore be designed upright so a standing person can comfortably wear a costume in this character. 
  • The mascot design can be manually or electronically produced and must be given a name, a backstory and meet the judging criteria.
  • A short video must be submitted with the design including:
    • a clear drawing/graphic of your mascot
    • why your specific human/animal/item should be selected as Council's waste education mascot
    • how the mascot encourages us to be more sustainable
    • why avoiding, reducing and recycling are so important to save resources and protect our environment.

Mascot finalists will be selected and the public will be able to vote for their favourite, to get the local community involved and help our Councillors choose our new waste mascot for the Moreton Bay Region.

How to enter

  1. Enter using the online entry form. Entries close 5:00 PM Thursday 9 September 2021.
  2. Each entry must:
    1. include a design (electronic or manually drawn) for the new waste education mascot
    2. include a short video
    3. read and accept the terms and conditions.
  3. One entry allowed per school, early learning centre.

Enter now

Judging criteria

  • The new waste mascot will represent sustainable waste behaviour change including:
    • avoiding and reducing the amount of waste we generate and dispose in landfill
    • ensuring recyclable materials are clean from contamination through multiple recycling programs such as kerbside collection service, containers for change and local drop off or mail back recycling for specific materials
    • recovering materials such as food scraps for composting
    • avoiding litter/illegal dumping to conserve and protect the environment
    • more sustainable choices for a healthier lifestyle, for example replace single use and disposable plastics.
  • Each school/early learning centre entry will provide a design (drawn manually or electronically) for the new waste education mascot.
  • The new mascot design must not be the same or similar to a current mascot representing other local organisations/campaigns such as Mr Recycle Man, Theo the turtle or Blazer the koala.
  • Each entry is to include a brief video summary explaining why the mascot was chosen, including how the mascot encourages us to be more sustainable and why avoiding, reducing and recycling are so important to save resources and protect our environment.
  • The competition entries will be promoted by Council for public consultation through online voting from 16 September to 8 October 2021. A public awareness and voting process will raise more support in the community and engage/promote a new Council mascot/brand representing sustainable waste behaviours.
  • The total of public votes for each entry will be provided to the Councillors for their selection of the final Winner (1) and Highly Commended (3) mascots award prizes.

Terms and conditions

The Moreton Bay Regional Council mascot entries for the Regional Recycler 2021 competition must comply with the Terms and conditions(PDF, 103KB).