Regional Recycler 2021

Meet the new Rethink waste mascot

The new Rethink waste mascot design was voted for by Moreton Bay Regional Council and the community for 2021 and beyond.

We've had some great entries from schools and early learning centres and picked our winner. 

Our winner will be awarded $2,500 and a repurposed recycling beetle trophy by Will, a local artist from Kinetikits. The three highly commended schools/centres will be awarded $500 each.

Congratulations to our winner and well done to our highly commended entries!


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Rubbish rangers

Humpybong State School

A young inspiring student takes the role of ranger and the Animalia air land and sea native friends come in a digital format with eucalyptus capes seagrass capes and superhero masks made from mango skins.

As a team they can work together to make Moreton Bay a clean and green region.

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Highly commended 

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Bounty the Boat

Northpine Christian College Childcare & ELC

We know commercial fishing is recognised as a major factor affecting marine ecosystems, Bounty the boat however is on a journey to do the opposite, he works hard to clean the oceans in the areas that aren’t as easily accessible to us humans.

On his load you can see he is prepared for his long journeys at sea. Bounty enjoys catching the oceans unwanted waste with his hook and dropping it in his colour coordinated bins.

He has a yellow bin for paper & cardboard, a green bin for compost, a grey bin for metal, a blue bin for glass, an orange bin for plastics and finally a red bin for waste which cant be recycled.

If we all do our part we can make a difference in our environments as well, just like Bounty!

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Dolly the waste police dolphin

Creative Kids OSHC

Dolly the waste police dolphin is the animal the children feel drawn to and respect so it was hard to dismiss their choice.

Dolly displays the bin lid colours and what they represent as this will be a constant reminder to the community. Our families told us this was needed information through the surveys we collected.

She has a flipping action in her tail to demonstrate that it is cool to collect rubbish and put it in the correct bin. It’s her fun feature.

Dolly displays a police type hat with the waste symbol as the hatband. This shows she is important and a leader in the war on waste as well as someone to lead us in the right direction and to be listened too.

Dolly the waste police dolphin is an animal that is important for us to protect in our area as they live here and we are surrounded by water. We know if there is rubbish on land then it is in the water and who better than the most intelligent creature in the ocean to protect it and demand change.

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Mother Duck Kallangur Kindergarten Studio

Responsibili-Bee is responsible for our future!

Help Responsibili-Bee avoid, reuse and recycle within the environment. Without Bees, the world as we know it would not exist!

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