People picking up rubbish on the beach

It is everyone's responsibility to take action towards a sustainable future. Below are some small changes we can all make today that will have a positive impact on our future:

  • use eco-friendly decorations instead of balloons and plastic confetti
  • choose to walk, ride a bike or use public transport
  • pick up after your pets and dispose of the waste appropriately to avoid contaminating stormwater systems and our oceans 
  • use one of our many water bottle refill stations
  • plant natives in your backyard to encourage pollinators and other wildlife
  • minimise your waste by avoiding, reducing, reusing and recycling
  • visit Council's Rethink Waste page for more tips on reducing your waste.

Environmental Messaging 

Across the City of Moreton Bay area, you may come across our Environmental Messaging. 

These eye-catching bin signs and footpath stencils are designed to encourage our residents to reduce their waste impact on our local wildlife and marine environments. 

Waste that enters our waterways and oceans can become a choking or entanglement hazard for local marine life. The best way to help is to reduce and responsibly dispose of your waste.  

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Visit Injured wildlife for more information, or for details of licensed wildlife carers in your area.

Learn More 

If you would like to learn more about minimising your impact on the environment or how to get your local school involved in the Sustainability Champions competition, visit our Waste Education page.

Council's Environment Centres offer a range of workshops and educational programs to learn about sustainable actions and the natural environment. Visit the page for more information and discover 'What’s On'. 

If you would like to get hands-on or improve the natural bushland of your private property, why not join Council's Voluntary Conservation Program.