Snakes are an essential part of the natural environment, with 37 native snake species known to occur in the Moreton Bay region. All snakes are protected by law under the Queensland Government Nature Conservation Act 1992 and it is an offence to kill, injure, or take them from the wild.

Snake facts

  • In some ecosystems, snakes can be one of the top order predators and help to control the populations of pest animals such as mice and rats. Snakes will become more active and therefore seen more frequently as the temperature warms up in spring and summer.
  • There are some lizards in Australia which have evolved to be legless, or with very small rudimentary legs. These are often mistaken for snakes but are totally harmless.
  • While some snakes in Australia are highly venomous, they will rarely attack if given the opportunity to retreat. If cornered or provoked, they may become defensive and strike to protect themselves.
  • Snakes are not only protected by law, but you are far more likely to be bitten by a snake trying to kill it. The vast majority of bites occur when someone is attempting to kill the snake. The best option is to leave it alone and let it move on.

I have a snake on my property?

Council does not provide a snake removal service for privately owned land. Residents who find snakes within or near the home can engage a licensed snake removalist for a fee.

Never handle a snake if you are not trained to do so.

To avoid snakes on your property:

  • Clean up around the house. Piles of timber or other materials offer ideal habitat for snakes.
  • Keep lawns cut short and well maintained.
  • Keep grain or pet food storage areas tidy, as they can attract mice which are a food supply for snakes.
  • Trim back any trees overhanging your house’s eaves, to prevent pythons from entering your roof cavity.
  • Avoid walking around your backyard, and in council parks and reserves in bare feet. Wear protective clothing and carry a torch at night.