The Torresian crow (Corvus Orru) is a native bird found commonly across northern and Western Australia. Crows have been able to adapt to urban landscapes and are a common species found throughout our built environment. They play an important part in our natural ecosystems feeding on carrion (animal carcasses) that would otherwise be left to rot and predate on pests such as cane toads.

Fun fact

The Torresian crow has adapted so vastly to urban habitats that they have gained cognitive learning on using cars to crack nuts on roads. The crow has even gone as far as to purposely conduct this learned technique near safe crossings to reduce the chances of being hit by oncoming traffic. 

What is council doing?

Throughout major parks and recreational areas Council has been actively installing covered bird proof bins to prevent crows form accessing waste, where practical. This improves the health and safety of Council controlled land through mitigating the bird’s foraging behaviour and maintaining the hygiene of our facilities. 

What can residents do?

Council discourages the feeding of crows as it can lead to nutritional imbalances, environmental health problems and a public nuisance. Crows will quickly identify new food sources and congregate in these areas, often causing a nuisance to neighbours:

  • Limit access to pet food - remove food from outside areas once your pet has finished eating or feed your pet inside.
  • Limit access to waste - ensure bins are covered to prevent crows from rummaging through waste in search of food.  Don't overfill wheelie bins or leave rubbish bags outside unattended.
  • Be aware of crow breeding season - crows can be very vocal during their breeding season as they interact with one another and their young.  Expect an increase in noise from crows between August and February and that it will pass.
  • Plant small native trees and shrubs - planting native bushes and shrubs, such as grevillea and bottlebrush, will encourage smaller bird species to you garden and result in greater biodiversity in your area.