MBRC Planning Scheme - Caboolture West local plan

The Caboolture West local plan area is approximately 5km west of Caboolture and Morayfield, bounded by the D’Aguilar Highway to the north, Caboolture River Road to the south and low hills to the west of Old North Road.

A local plan is an identified area that provides for more locally focused planning outcomes and provisions than found in a zone code. A local plan stands independent from a zone code in the planning scheme. A local plan has its own planning purpose, outcomes, tables of assessment, code (assessment requirements) and mapping.

Local Plan precincts and sub-precincts

All land in the Caboolture West local plan is within the Emerging Community zone in the planning scheme. The local plan is then divided into 5 local plan precincts and 15 sub-precincts as follows:

Local Plan Precinct Sub-Precinct

Urban living precinct - applies to most of the area intended for urban development

  • Next generation sub-precinct - residential activities, supported by neighbourhood hubs.
  • Local centre sub-precinct - convenience retail, commercial and community activities.
  • Light industry sub-precinct - local low impact and service industry activities.

Town centre precinct - contains retail, commercial, civic, cultural, education and health activities along with high density residential uses

  • Centre core sub-precinct - highest order and broadest range of specialised retail and business activities.
  • Mixed business sub-precinct - mixed uses with small scale specialised commercial and convenience retail services at ground level with residential uses above.
  • Teaching and learning sub-precinct - secondary and tertiary educational activities.
  • Residential north sub-precinct high density residential activities.
  • Residential south sub-precinct - medium-high density residential activities.
  • Open space sub-precinct - green space and outdoor recreational activities.
  • Civic space sub-precinct - civic, government, cultural and entertainment activities.
  • Light industry sub-precinct - low impact and service industry activities.
  • Specialised centre sub-precinct - large bulky goods retail, hardware and trade supplies activities.

Enterprise and employment precinct - major concentration of employment generating-development, dominated by low and medium impact industries.

  • General industry sub-precinct - low and medium impact industries.
  • Light industry sub-precinct - low impact and low intensity industrial and business activities.
  • Specialised centre sub-precinct - large bulky goods retail and specific commercial activities.

Green network precinct (no sub-precincts) - provides for the protection and management of land having significant recreation and environmental values. The precinct is fixed. It is a key feature of the Caboolture West Local Plan and central to a long term vision to develop a green network that provides urban as well as environmental sustainability.

There are no sub-precincts.

Rural living precinct (no sub-precincts) - contains large lots where water and sewerage infrastructure may not be provided, catering for a range of lifestyle choices while retaining the area as part of strategic environmental corridors around the local plan area.

There are no sub-precincts.

While the precincts are generally fixed, the location of the 15 sub-precincts is indicative only and will be planned in more detail through the preparation of Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs). A NDP is the level of planning between the local plan and a development application (e.g. reconfiguration of lots for housing). More information on NDPs can be found in Planning scheme policy - Neighbourhood design(PDF, 5MB).

How will development proceed?

Development of land within the local plan area will proceed in accordance with approved NDPs that outline key land use and infrastructure outcomes to support a new urban community within Caboolture West. Approved NDPs are located within the Caboolture West local plan code in the planning scheme.

Neighbourhood Development Plan Area No. 1 or ‘NDP1’ is the first of a series of NDPs prepared for the Caboolture West local plan. NDP1 is approximately 266 hectares in area and is bounded by the Caboolture River to the north and west, Caboolture River Road to the south and existing suburban residential areas to the east.

Refer to Planning Scheme Amendments for further information on the adopted Caboolture West NDP1 and the associated new Planning Scheme Policy.

Council is currently undertaking a process to rename the Caboolture West local plan area. For more information on the naming process, visit Your Say Moreton Bay.