Dog parks set for design overhaul

Published 21 October 2021

Dog Off-Leash Area

Moreton Bay Region’s dogs will be the happiest healthiest pooches in South East Queensland after Council introduced new guidelines that will ensure a contemporary approach to design of all future Dog Off-Leash Areas (DOLAs) across the region.

Mayor Peter Flannery said the new DOLA Planning and Design Guidelines and Dog Agility Guidelines would ensure a uniform approach for future installations and retrospective fit outs as the region continues to grow.

“Just like people, dogs need the best infrastructure in place to grow and play, and lead healthy lifestyles, which is why we’ve decided to introduce these new guidelines,” he said.

“They’ll not only ensure our best friends have the best facilities, but they will provide peace of mind for other park users by ensuring dogs have a secure space clear of other activity areas.

“Moreton Bay Region is experiencing huge population growth and that means a major spike in pets moving to the area too.

“Currently we have more than 68,000 registered dogs across the region and we expect that number to increase so it’s important we have the right planning in place for that.

“The guidelines cover anything from shade and drinking water to fencing, while taking into account varying site access, geography, environmental constraints and proximity to businesses and residents.

“We consulted the RSPCA and Dogs Queensland on their advice for the plan and made minor updates based on their feedback to ensure our standards were the very best in Queensland.

“This is part of our approach to become the most accessible and liveable Council in South East Queensland by having recreational options for all residents.

“But make no mistake, dog owners must maintain effective control of their pets at all times while using the DOLAs.

“This includes the dog being under supervision and the owner being able to control the dog by voice command, and also a requirement for dog owners to have their pets on leashes while walking to and from home or their vehicle to a DOLA.

“Council officers monitor DOLAs regularly and may take action against owners of unrestrained dogs if they aren’t following the local laws.

“We will work to apply the new guidelines to existing facilities when they are due for upgrades and or renewal to ensure they remain consistent with contemporary community expectations. This doesn’t include beach areas which are subject to compliance under the State Government Guidelines.”

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