Flood Check Property Report

A free Flood Check Property Report allows you to find out more about the potential flood conditions at the place you live or are planning to purchase, develop or renovate. A Flood Check Property Report details anticipated flood levels for the requested property, where available, and includes a fact sheet to help you interpret the information provided.

Please note: the Flood Check Property Report is best suited for use well before an actual flooding event and may not be available during an event.

Flood Check Property Report and the new draft planning scheme

Council’s Flood Check Property Report has been updated to provide information to support the new draft Planning Scheme provisions. The New Draft Planning Scheme is on display from 1 July through to 21 August 2015, see New Draft Planning Scheme for further details.

The New Draft Planning Scheme section of the Flood Check Property Report contains the following information that assists in applying the new draft Planning Scheme provisions:

  • if the property is in the Flood Planning Area
  • maximum flow velocity when identified in a high or medium risk area in the Flood Planning Area
  • level of the Defined Flood Event for both Flood and Storm Tide

Please note that Council is currently working through updating the Flood Check Property Reports with further information regarding Coastal hazards specifically storm tide inundation. The Flood Check Property Reports will be updated by 10 July. 

Please note that this information should be read in conjunction with the new draft Planning Scheme, in particular the Coastal hazard overlay and Flood hazard overlay.



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