Wedding ceremonies

If you would like to host your wedding ceremony in a public park in the Moreton Bay region, you will need to apply for a wedding ceremony permit. Council regulates these activities to make sure they are carried out safely and are considerate to residents and other park visitors.

Your wedding ceremony location can be booked for a maximum of three hours. You need to submit your application and all supporting documentation at least 30 days before the ceremony.

Fees for hosting your wedding in a public park

You will need to pay an application fee of T924 once Council has confirmed your location availability. Council will contact you for payment. This fee is non-refundable.

If you need to make any changes to your booking, including changing the date or location, a fee of T1155 will apply.

Other wedding activities

If you wish to undertake other wedding activities in addition to the ceremony or you require a booking longer than three hours you will need to apply for a public place activity permit.

How to apply

Step 1.Choose a location

Choose from our most popular wedding locations, or contact Council about using another location on (07) 3205 0555.

Step 2.Complete a risk management plan

Complete a risk management plan using the Risk management plan template(DOCX, 927KB).

Step 3.Take out public liability insurance

Evidence of a current public liability insurance policy to the value of $20,000,000 should be provided with your application. The insurance policy must be in the same name as the applicant.

Step 4.Review conditions

Make sure you review and understand the conditions of a Wedding ceremony permit. Specific conditions may be added after your application has been assessed.

Step 5.Review the fees and charges

Once we have confirmed your location availability, you will need to pay a non-refundable T924 application fee. This is in accordance with Council's fees and charges. Council will contact you for payment.

Step 6.Complete an application 

Download and complete the Weddings ceremony application form(PDF, 529KB) and submit:

We will contact you to confirm your location is available on your chosen date. This may take up to 5 business days. Your application will be reviewed and assessed for approval under Local Law No 1 (Administration) 2011. Schedule 5(b).

The applicant for an approval must be a legal entity, such as a person, private company, public company or incorporated association. A partnership, cooperative, unincorporated association, body corporate, strata corporation, trust or political party is not a legal entity and cannot be considered the applicant.

About hosting your wedding in a Council park

  • Special mowing or additional servicing of the area is not provided. Council maintains its parks and gardens on a routine maintenance schedule.
  • To ensure safety of the general public and to avoid potential damage to the park surfaces, no vehicles may drive or park on grassed areas. All vehicles onsite must be parked lawfully.
  • Electricity access is not provided.
  • For environmental purposes the throwing of confetti, rice and any other similar material is not permitted. Rose petals and bubbles are permitted.
  • A portable PA system may be used; however please take into consideration the volume and the type of music played.
  • The insertion of stakes or pegs into the park surface is not permitted. Stand up umbrellas, wedding arches and chairs are permitted, and a "red carpet" may be laid down. All temporary structures must be self-supporting and weighted down.
  • Fireworks are not permitted.
  • Alcohol is not permitted to be consumed in public parks in accordance with Queensland State Law
  • Pathways and walkways must not be obstructed to ensure the safe passage of the general public during the ceremony.
  • The park must be left in a clean and tidy condition and any waste taken off site at the conclusion of your ceremony.
  • Please note parks are public places and a permit will not guarantee exclusive use of the park.