Plucks, Caesar and Hutton Road, Arana Hills - intersection upgrade

Roads project

Council has completed the planning and design of the Plucks Road, Caesar Road and Hutton Road intersection upgrade, with construction to start in 2023. The upgrade aims to provide greater traffic capacity, and an all-round safer intersection for all road users including cyclists and pedestrians.

Works will include:

  • signalisation of the intersection
  • dedicated pedestrian crossing facilities at the intersection
  • designated on road cyclist facilities through the intersection
  • extending the existing road turn lane on Plucks Road with a raised centre island.

This road safety project was developed in response to a significant number of serious crashes at the location and is being funded through the Federal Governments Black Spot Program.   

While construction is proposed to begin within the first half of 2023, timeframes are indicative and subject to change.

A works notification will be provided before construction commences advising of exact dates.


Plucks, Caesar and Hutton Road, Arana Hills 4055  View map

Google Map
Plucks, Caesar and Hutton Road Arana Hills - location of works.png

Image highlights the intersection of Caesar Road, Hutton Road and Plucks Road, Arana Hills.