Samford’s $1.2 Million Facelift Starts This Month

Published 03 August 2022

Samford Streetscape

The secret to Samford’s popularity might be her humble country charms, but even a timeless beauty needs an occasional facelift.

Later this month the hinterland hideaway will start a $1.2 million transformation boasting new streetscaping, improved disability access, and better amenities for locals.

Works will begin in August and take 24 weeks to complete, with works rolling out over six stages to minimise disruptions on local businesses.

Mayor Peter Flannery said these works were in response to Samford’s surging popularity as a destination for new residents and a hotspot for daytrip tourists.

“Samford is no longer a hidden gem of South East Queensland, it’s one of the jewels in the crown, which is why we’re investing in beautification works along Main Street to cater for that surging popularity,” he said.

“This includes renewal and widening of existing footpaths to provide greater pedestrian and disability access, new landscaping, four new alfresco areas for people to picnic and hang out, bigger bins and new modern street furniture to complement the contemporary rural feel of Samford.

“These works will simply take what Samford already has and improve on that without diminishing the charm that locals and visitors love.”

Councillor Darren Grimwade (Div 11) said Council consulted with local residents and business owners during the design phase to ensure the final plans reflected the wants and needs of the community.

“Samford is already such a beautiful place and now thanks to the community’s input, Council will enhance that to make it an even better version of itself,” he said.

“Council held multiple one-on-one meetings with business owners and community groups, and I personally met with many locals, so I’m proud to have an outcome that’s owned by the community.

“These works will help bring even more foot traffic to local businesses and give the town an economic boost once completed.

“And the good news is that businesses will only have minor interruptions to their trading hours throughout the entire project phase as majority of the works that can cause nuisance to the community will happen outside business hours and will be rolled out in six stages.

“VMS Boards will be in place for the entirety of the project and detours for temporary pedestrian access will be clearly depicted behind crowd control barriers to minimise interference.

“The project page on Council’s website will be updated regularly, so anyone can jump online and monitor its progress throughout.”

The construction is planned to be in stages as per below; starting from the northern end near Samford Creek and finishing on Mount Glorious Road.

The approximate construction start timing is as follows:

  • Stage 1 - August 2022
  • Stage 2 - September 2022
  • Stage 3 - October 2022
  • Stage 4 - November 2022
  • Stage 5 - December 2022
  • Stage 6 - January 2023