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For weddings in council parks, see park bookings.

Outdoor events in the Moreton Bay region

An outdoor event is a planned activity or function which the public can attend, or it can be a private corporate function.

For event approvals on council controlled land, council has an event portal to ensure only one application is required per event. Upon receipt of a completed Application to hold an event on council controlled land, it is circulated to various departments within council so appropriate conditions can be applied giving consideration to local laws, traffic management, park bookings, waste requirements and other relevant matters.

Community Event Guide

Council has prepared a community event guide to assist community organisations when planning, running and promoting an event in the Moreton Bay Region. The guide highlights key considerations for event organisers. It also provides information and links to useful resources and support that may be available through your local Councillor.

Is an Application to hold an event on council controlled land via the event portal necessary?

An Application to hold an event on council controlled land is only required if any of the following criteria apply:

  • public attendance and/or ticketed event
  • petting zoo and/or animals^
  • temporary fencing
  • road and/or footpath closures
  • public address system and/or amplified music
  • sound shell and/or stage
  • food and/or drink stalls, liquor licence
  • electricity and/or generators
  • fireworks
  • portable toilets
  • amusement rides^

^Petting zoos, amusement rides and similar may require a permit and are only approved in council parks for organised community events. Non-commercial amusement rides (eg store bought jumping castles) are not permitted. Council does not support the use of monster trucks on council land.

Applications are not required for family or casual social gatherings in parks.

Applications are not required for showgrounds or the Caboolture Historical Village.

Events held on non-council controlled land

Although certain exemptions apply, temporary events on private land typically require a permit under council’s local laws. To confirm if your planned event requires council approval, please contact council on (07) 3205 0555.

For additional event bins and or waste bin servicing, please submit an Event bin request for assessment by council's Waste Services Department.

Where events require a footpath, car park or road closure please complete a Road closure application.

What you may need to provide with your Application to hold an event on council controlled land

A site plan for your event - we recommend you visit the site prior to your application to determine how you will set the site up. Council will use the site plan to determine what additional information may be needed and to determine if a site meeting is required.

For all events you will need evidence of public liability insurance of not less than $20 million.

A risk management plan for the event, giving consideration to traffic management, waste management, emergency first aid, emergency evacuation, setting up and dismantling plans, dust suppression, security, post event rehabilitation, noise management and wet weather may be required. View Community Events - Risk Planning Guide [PDF 200KB] to assist with the preparation of this document.

Council may require evidence of your not for profit association or charity status.

How to submit an Application to hold an event on council controlled land

Steps to obtaining approval:

  1. Select a suitable location.
    1. Council parks - designated event areas
      There are many parks identified within the region that are suited to events. Bookable parks range from foreshores to parklands and bush settings.
    2. Council parks - not designated event areas
    3. Sporting fields
      Please contact council if considering use of a sporting field.
  2. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions [PDF 145KB] before applying.
  3. Complete the Application to hold an event on council controlled land at least 3 months before the event and up to 12 months in advance. Approval must be granted before proceeding with the event.

Council assistance for events

Moreton Bay Regional Council values community events and the contribution they make to the community. Council can provide a variety of assistance in the staging of your event.

  • Review the Community Event Guide for some tips on planning, running and promoting your event in the Moreton Bay Region.
  • Contact your local Councillor to see what support they may be able to provide to your event.
  • Add an event to council's online events calendar. Listing is free and available to events held in the region. Complete the Add your event form.
  • Grants and funding options available to organisations through council, your local Councillor, as well as state and federal governments.
  • Advertising on council community banner poles.
  • Request the use of a council marquee.
  • Where deemed appropriate by council, additional bins are provided free to community not for profit organisations for approved events on council land.

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