Book clubs

Book club

Are you interested in joining a book club? Our libraries support almost 200 book clubs who meet regularly to discover new authors, share ideas and reading experiences. Registered book clubs can borrow from our book club sets.

Book club sets

Book club sets contain 10 copies of the same title and are available for loan by all book clubs registered with Moreton Bay Region libraries. Browse our book club sets, check out the latest additions to our book clubs, or search our catalogue. 

Browse book club sets

Can't find what you are looking for?  Registered book club members can suggest a title. 

Suggest a book club set 

Starter pack book club is open to everyone with no bookings required. 

Or you can register your interest in joining an existing book club or starting your own book club. 

Join or start a book club

Libraries support book clubs with:

  • free access to our book club sets (10 copies of the same title)
  • book club forms and fact sheets to help you get your book club started and organised
  • assistance promoting your book club and match you up with new members
  • free use of library meeting rooms, by prior arrangement.