Library apps

myMBRL app

Find out more about the Moreton Bay Region Libraries app - myMBRL.

Download the library app here:

Libby (an OverDrive app)

Libby is a simple app you can use to borrow, download, read and listen to free eBooks, emagazines and eAudiobooks from our OverDrive eLibrary.

Visit the Libby website and download an app for your phone or tablet. 


Sign in with your library card to download an display free audiobooks from our Borrowbox eLibrary

Download the Borrow Box app for free from:


Looking for consumer product reviews? Access Choice and Choice Computer from the Flipster website to search current and past issues for articles, or download the free Flipster app from:


Stream your favourite documentaries, classics and indie feature films, including Australian and International content.

Download the Beamafilm app for free from:


Stream and download ad-free music, with over 1 million albums and 15+ million songs from more than 200 genres.