The Sewing Studio

The Sewing Studio

The Sewing Studio is currently unavailable for bookings due to the ongoing refurbishments at Redcliffe Library. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Moreton Bay Region Libraries offer more than books! Redcliffe Library is the first to open The Sewing Studio, a pilot project just for library members.

Come and use a sewing machine and overlocker to make your own projects or find inspiration in our craft books for something new.

Take a short induction class and then you are able to book a sewing machine or overlocker for your own use.

You will need to know basic sewing techniques and be able to work without supervision. Staff are available for questions and troubleshooting. See Terms of Use(PDF, 145KB).

Become a library member, if you are not already, in order to complete the induction, assessment and make bookings for the equipment. Participants must be over 16 years of age.

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You know how to sew, but you may not be familiar with our machines. This induction provides you with all the skills and knowledge to safely and efficiently use our machines and The Sewing Studio facility.

Prior to booking your safety induction class at the library, watch the relevant videos and read the Terms of use(PDF, 145KB).

Sewing machine

Induction for sewing maching

Video transcript


Induction for overlocker

Video transcript

Induction class

You are now ready to come to the library for your induction class, which will consist of:

  • an explanation of our terms of use
  • a demonstration of the safe use of the machines
  • a hands-on, practical exercise on the machines
  • a short assessment.

You will need to read and agree to this statement before using our sewing machines:

I hereby acknowledge that as a Moreton Bay Region Library member using The Sewing Studio equipment, I have read and understand the Terms of Use and agree to comply at all times with the above terms and all stated requirements written or communicated to me at any time from Moreton Bay Region library staff.


Induction classes are held for both sewing machines and overlocker. Sewing machine inductions are held on the first Wednesday and second Saturday of every month. The overlocker inductions are held first Wednesday and fourth Saturday of every month. Once you have watched the instructional videos, read and agreed to the statement of use, you can book into an induction class:

Sewing machine:


Book a session on the sewing machine or overlocker and make your own items.

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